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Quest for Existence [now available - click below]


To those of you who have waited for this, thank you for your patience. To the rest of you, thank you for becoming interested! I hope all of you find something appealing here.

Quest for Existence is my sixth studio album as Void Ant. For this particular recording, I have left the synthesizer behind and returned to guitar-oriented experiments. The main difference is that I've used fewer looped samples here than on the early works. Instead there are longer stretches of manipulated guitar noises passing through various filters. The overall result is an album that sounds more alive. Don't worry, there are plenty of harsh sounds intended for robot ears.

I want to send a sincere "thank you" across the ocean to Karolina Jędryczka, the talented artist who was kind enough to contribute the fantastic imagery which accompanies Quest for Existence. I cannot sufficiently express how much I love her work. The next Void Ant album will also feature illustrations by Karolina. In the meantime, please visit her gallery HERE.